Diversity In fashion

Exploring the new diversity in fashion with the first non white model agency in the world.

Great article but most of all great quote from what Kapttownwala says about people wanting to be part of “things”, now more than ever before, we want to be validated and not dye in the shadows of our own existence. Social media is allowing all of us to be seen and heard. and to do just that, be part of “things”.

My advice, look and feel great while doing it.

We all want to do good, to be the best we can be in the “things” we do, do it well and look your best while doing it.

We need to validate and accept people of all colors, shapes and cultures, the definition of beautiful is changing, we are part of this change, doing what we do every day, going about our lives, sharing our experiences on the internet or with friends over a coffee, my point is we are seeing more than we ever saw before, we are encountering contrast every day, nevertheless we are all equals and want the same, to be heard, to be seen.

“Kaptownwala believes the internet – and the culture of selfies – has a role to play in broadening what we think beautiful is, and has made an entire generation comfortable in front of the camera. “People are posing in their own ways, creating their own photo shoots,” she says. “It redefines beauty, opens things up and allows people to say ‘I want to be part of this.”

Read More in The Guardian: Diversity in fashion

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