Haute Couture is alive.


Couture lives on.

I am partial of the view that Haute Couture and the work done by the highly skilled artisans working in the backstages of fashion are as important as any news and cricket score.

We all share our passions and points of view on social media, I am sharing the work that have existed for generations and hopefully will be kept alive for many more.
The House of Chanel under the hands of Karl Lagerfeld is keeping this tradition alive and passing the knowledge on.

Follow the link below to read the article written by the Mighty Suzy Menkes on the subject of Couture and the skilled artisans working on the beautiful gowns we see in the runway shows.

Chanel’s workshops see a new generation embracing artisan skills En savoir plus sur http://en.vogue.fr/suzy-menkes/suzy-menkes-column/articles/suzy-menkes-chanels-workshops-see-a-new-generation-embracing-artisan-skills/23381#LZQX6GvSxbgKBPhF.99

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