Australians spend more money in women’s apparel per capita than any other nation in the world, we are one of the highest spenders of online and high street clothing ,we buy from far and near adopting styles that are removed from our reality, we as consumers need to know and buy our own brands and designers, the creative people who are developing the Australian look.

in this beautiful land of ours, with an eclectic population we are spending  more and more in women’s apparel, unfortunately the results are not visible to the naked eye.

As a citizen of the world, I have not only the right but the responsibility to impart the knowledge I acquired from living and working with fashion and style in 3 very different countries, Brazil, England and now Australia.

I think as a nation we have yet to find our blueprint of style, we buy clothes to experiment, to see if that particular look will suit who we are, quickly discarding the undesirable clothing in the nearest op shop.

We need to STOP this habit, we need to start buying with purpose, know what suits us, the colours and shapes that will enhance our looks,

I am here  to share my experienced and knowledge with those interested in boosting their confidence, by helping people with their purchases, by asking the right questions, searching for the right look to enhance your best features, by helping you to understand your body shape and how a well made outfit will make a massive difference in the final look and most of all to encourage my clients to buy Australian Fashion.

By using the services of a personal stylist,who can balance necessity, features to be highlighted, cost and quality can change one’s life. I assure you the  benefits will far outweigh the costs.

We can spend a couple of hours together but you are benefitting from more than 30 years of my experience

If you think this might interest you, just give me a call – no strings attached. It will be my pleasure to talk to you.

For more information on the subject click on the link below.

 Who Spends the Most on Apparel?

Australians spend more money on clothes than anyone else in the world

Per Capita Spending on Apparel (in $U.S.):

1.   Australia                    $1,050

2.   Canada                       $831

3.   Japan                         $814

4.   EU-27 members       $663

5.   United States            $686

6.   Russia                        $272

7.   Brazil                          $273

8.   China                         $109

9.   India                          $36

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