I recently worked with a client, identifying her colour palette  and assessing her body shape,  as those are the first steps in understanding the clothes and hues that enhance a particular figure and skin tone.

The styling session couldn’t have been  more beneficial for my client, leaving her happy and empowered with the new found knowledge that  clothes are just not “wrong” and that selecting her clothing based on her shape can be used to enhance and build on her best features, it can change your mood and instantly make one feel beautiful.

night choice

My work is to guide my clients into understanding their body shape and the potential of colour in bringing forward their best features, I also discuss how cloth is cut and the best shapes for their  figure, this is a great way to build one’s style knowledge and confidence, and at the same time will give you the advantage of shopping  for your silhouette, turning otherwise frustrating shopping trips into successful experiences.

One of the starting points is  to discuss with my clients the importance of well made clothing and that good tailoring and a well constructed outfit can produce a great look, where the cheap alternative can look sad and worn very quickly. Nothing beats good workmanship, allied with good fabrics and exquisite details.

I can assure you that the best cut and fit, will enhance your figure. A well tailored outfit may have a steeper price tag, but it is justified by the longer life span of your garment and the perfect fit. Quality, not quantity is the best way to approach when buying clothes.

Another aspect that left my client very happy, and one that I cannot stress the importance of enough, is a colour consultation, knowing  the colours and tones that compliment your complexion, the shade of your hair and the fair hues drawn by light shinning on your skin is the best tool to put together outfits that will complement your natural shades. Understanding the complementing colours, and those that just do not suit,  will enable you  to  buy garments that will always have a matching piece waiting for them in your wardrobe.


I work very closely with my clients to fulfil their needs, always taking into consideration their lifestyle, their aspirations and their existing wardrobe . My work as a personal stylist is not to impose taste and random clothing choices, we must know what the clients needs guiding them to better buying choices, no good comes from filling a wardrobe with stylish yet unnecessary garments, the optimal outcome is to improve my client buying options by choosing garments that can be mixed and matched with her existing clothes.

It makes me very happy to guide a client towards a functioning wardrobe, a wardrobe that will offer plenty of choices for either a day at the office or a casual dinner with friends or even a blend of then both.










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