Great news for consumers around Australia, with the releasing of the 2016 Australia Fashion Report, consisting of a list of 300 fashion retailers and manufactures, grading the best and the not so good companies and brands, where ethical fashion is concerned.


The report compiled by The Baptist World Aid Australia, have assessed 87 new companies, for the 2016 issue,  awarding each, a grade from A to F based on the strength of their labour rights management systems, to lessen the risk of exploitation in their supply chain.

The Australian Fashion Report sheds light on what the industry and individual companies are doing to address forced labour, child labour and exploitation in the fashion industry, with special attention to Brands sold in Australia.

Consumers want to know where their meet and veggies come from, why not the fashion we so love to wear?

I am very happy to share this information with you, Below you will see a list of the top 8 companies who are doing their best to make better fashion.

With this list at hand, you will make better choices next time you go clothing shop.

Do your own research, because some of the companies listed below have a number of Brands under their umbrellas, and there names cover a variety of styles, from leisurewear, casual, sportswear and more, with  a good number of companies offering menswear and children’s clothing.,

You can also look at the companies that received a B or B- grade, many are trying to improve their manufacturing and sourcing systems, but it takes time and effort. Those companies are joining in the right direction towards a better and more humane fashion industry.

I put together a Editorial of some of the brands  working for a better fashion future.

APG & Co B+
Adidas Group A-
Audrey Blue/Mighty Good A +
Cotton On Group B+
Country Road Group B+
Etiko A+
H&M B+

Read the full report : Here












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