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I am Cristina  Taylor; I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I started working with  my father from a very young age, with him I learnt about designing, garment construction, production, and manufacturing, selling and marketing your products. Our factory was in the heart of Rio de Janeiro’s rag trade district.
crisfaceIn Brazil, I studied  Portuguese Language and Literature at University Federal of Rio de Janeiro. The University years were the most important in my life, my involvement with the arts in Brazil led me to become a member of what was probably the First Street Theatre Company to work in Rio. Our repertoire consisted of Brazilian play writers, our stage were the streets of Rio, and our audience the passers-by, our props and set the buildings of our city. Our theatre group became quite iconic and this spawned other groups who followed in our footsteps; I also designed and made the costumes we wore in our street performances. This fuelled my love of costumes for the stage and the story one can tell through clothes.
Outside university I volunteered with two Amateur English-speaking theatre groups “The Little Theatre” and “The Players”. My knowledge of fabrics,  lead me to become the costume designer with both groups . These two groups focused on Musicals, one with an American repertoire, the other with British undertones.
My love for theatre and performance only grew with time; I became involved with Theatre groups In Rio: this time a Shakespeare company. So from the point of view of Brazilian directors and actors I came to know more of the works of the classic English writer
In 1994 I moved to Reading in England  It was here that I furthered my studies with a 3-year BTEC – National Diploma in Design (Fashion). The course covered many aspects of designing, manufacturing and selling fashion and accessories, shoes, hats and clothing. The time was perfect to be involved with fashion in Europe, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen were fresh from school, bringing with them a new approach to design.
I worked backstage at “London Fashion Week”; a bi-annual fashion event held in London showcasing British and International Designers. I also worked as a tailor, on private client commissions. As well as working at Reading College and Queen Anne School for girls as a Portuguese teacher.
In 1999 I moved to Australia and started working in a wholesale fashion company in 2000. We sold to designers and manufacturers of clothing in Australia. Here I learnt much about the industry in this country. In 2002 I got the opportunity to join the in the Bridal Wear Industry as a bridal consultant at Brides of Melbourne, where I stayed working in many disciplines, such as designing, buying and selling wedding frocks.
In 2008, I took the opportunity to return to university in 2009 I graduated with an Associate Degree in Fashion Technology from Box Hill Institute. After graduation, I worked for various fashion companies in the areas of quality control, designing, production and merchandising planning.
I am doing s Master Degree in Arts Management at RMIT University, my main interests are in community arts management and events planning.
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