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The midi skirts topped with jumpers are big this season, you will look good and feel comfortable, not all of us can wear skinny jeans, and as we are leaving the track suits to walk the dogs in the morning skirts are the way to go.

A long skirt paired up with a jumper will do the trick to make you look good without compromising on comfort. Add some accessories and you will turn heads for sure.

Midi skirts and oversized jumpers are big for the season.

It can be a very comfortable outfit, wear it with a flair skirt if you feel it is the go for you, wear it with a pencil skirt to disguise any undesirable feature.

Pair it up with classic accessories, and bobs is your uncle you are ready to go.

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London Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Collection

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So you think fashion has nothing to do with you?

There is a scene in the movie The Devil Wears Prada that became a reference to me and summarizes my love and respect for the fashion industry.

In the scene, Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway, a fashion magazine, explains to her new “second” assistant the intricate fine points of fashion and the choices her assistant (played by Anne Hathaway) thinks she has made on the outfit she is wearing.

Miranda superbly played by none other than the legendary Meryl Streep, explains to her assistant, that her cerulean (a shade of blue) jumper, was selected by the professionals in the editor’s room. Miranda explains that Oscar De La Renta created beautiful gowns in that color, Yvesdevil wears prada Saint Laurent  shown a collection of cerulean military jackets and subsequently, many other designers, presented that color in their collections.

The editorial was created, the fashion trend was established, from there it trickled down to fashion buyers and there you have it, clothing in the color cerulean and whole high street trends was available in the department stores, corner shops and discount outlets.


Miranda tells her assistant that she thinks she is above fashion and does not care of what she “puts on her back” but the fact is, what she wears is chosen for her, by the “fashion people” that she shows no respect for and that her lack of understanding for the subject is clearly visible in her choice of clothing. What Miranda Priestly is conveying is that fashion is relevant to all of us, no matter where we purchase our outfits.

Clothes say so much of who we are, even if you don’t want to convey a message, your clothes tell a story independently of your intentions. I will continue to show high fashion for my public because I respect their opinion and intelligence. I know my public can make their choices in what they wear; I know they can interpret the looks I am showing and create their own.

Australian Fashion Here we are promoting Australian Fashion.Bassike has a minimalist look, but don’t be fooled by the clean lines of their design, the clothes are extremely well made, the fabrics are fantastic.Their coats are to dye for. Best of all it is made and designed in Australia

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